Spiderman Sees Black
It looks like Peter Parker (AKA Spiderman) finally has it all; the love of Mary Jane Watson, and a city that loves him as well. Everything is perfect - at least until Spiderman's suit evolves into black through the dirty deeds of an alien being who bonds with Spidey. Suddenly, Spiderman finds himself in a fight against three of the most diabolical villains who ever lived (Sandman, Venom and the New Goblin), as well as the evil temptations and lust for revenge within himself. The dark suit not only changes Spiderman on the outside, but on the inside as well. Will the streets of New York City ever be safe again?

Spider-Man 3 has it all; suspense, action and the battle of good vs. evil (who will win?). If you loved the movie, then you will love this die cast replica of Spidey in his black suit, created by the Sideshow Collectibles Figure Design and Development team straight from the Spider-Man 3 movie set. This tiny statue measures sixteen inches in height, and is the perfect choice for the comic book fan or the movie buff in your life.

Spider-Man 3 hit theatres in the summer of 2007 with the same cast and production crew of the first two flicks, and continues to be a hit with home sales, video games and a whole host of toys and collectibles. If you know someone who is a Spiderman fan, this die cast figure is the perfect gift to set on his desk or in his collectible cabinet. The high quality construction means that you will have a keepsake that not only makes an attractive display, but will be a memento to treasure for years to come.

Spidey may dabble in the dark side during most of Spider-Man 3 as he struggles to grapple with the evil within him, but we all know that good will win out by the end of the movie. Spiderman is more than just a movie; he is a superhero that has withstood the test of time and will continue to do so, as future generations learn to love Spiderman and everything he stands for. In Spider-Man 3, we actually see our superhero leave his traditional red and blue costume to discover what the black suit stands for and how he can defeat it. What better way to display the battle within than with this perfect replica from the movie portraying Spidey in his darker moments. Spiderman is the perfect collectible for that special someone on your gift list.



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