Own your Own Predator Collectible
When it comes to suspense movies laced with violence and a touch of horror, no one does it better than Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is true of the many series that Schwarzenegger has starred in, including the Predator series. In these films, Schwarzenegger plays Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, leader of a United States Army Special Forces unit. The unit is sent to Central America to rescue presidential cabinet members that have been captured in Val Verde by guerrilla forces. When Schaefer and his team arrive, they find something much bigger and more dangerous than rebel natives of the area. Instead, they slowly learn that an extraterrestrial is hunting humans in the region. This 'predator' is an alien with human-like characteristics and an insatiable thirst for a challenging hunt. Humans are the perfect game. Of course, Schwarzenegger is victorious against this creature at the end of the movie, when the competition is narrowed to just him and the predator. The first movie came out in 1987, and was so successful that there was a sequel in 1990, called Predator 2.

If you have a Schwarzenegger fan on your gift-giving list, what better present than a collectible item from one of Schwarzenegger's hit movies? Now you can have the Predator poseable model, which is making its debut in the collectible world this year. This figure stands approximately 14 inches high, the perfect size for display, and shows amazing detail in its 1/6 scale. The body is newly developed with a complex skin pattern and a fabric body suit adorned with detailed armour. With 22 points of articulation, you would think that this model has everything by itself, but it also comes complete with numerous weapons and accessories straight from the movie set.

Weapons include one whip and one whip rolled up, a shuriken and closed shurikens, a wrist blade with extendable blades, two plasma cannons and a wrist computer. Additional accessories offer a removable mask, a neck wrap and chest belt, medical box and a skull necklace. The model comes with a display base that features the Alien V Predator nameplate. This is the perfect collectible for the movie buff on your list, although he may not know whether to play with his predator or simply leave him on the shelf for display! And since this item is brand new this year, you can rest assured that your gift will not be a duplicate. For the movie collector on your list, this Predator model will definitely fit the bill!



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