Hard to Please History Buff on your List? We have the Perfect Gift Idea!
If you are looking for the perfect gift for the hard to please history buff on your list, check out this die cast model of the Zero Japanese Pearl Harbor 1941. This Armour Collection perfect replica comes to us courtesy of the Franklin Mint so you can be confident of its quality and value. The 1/48 scale offers divine detail right down to the dials in the cockpit, in a length of approximately 15 inches, making it perfect for display on a desk or in a collectible cabinet. This is an exceptional gift for the history student who is particularly interested in World War II and the events of December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor.

Remembering Pearl Harbor
The morning hours of this fateful day saw Japanese planes attacking the American base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The first wave of planes dove in with the primary purpose of taking out the possibility of a counterattack from U.S. bombers and patrol planes. At almost the exact same time, Japanese torpedo planes flew in low to take out the warships moored at Ford Island and the Navy Yard's 1010 dock. A few minutes later, horizontal bombers dropped their bombs across "Battleship Row". The first wave lasted approximately thirty minutes.

Fifteen minutes after their departure, another wave of Japanese planes came in, and attacked multiple locations for the next hour or so. While the Japanese casualties during the raid were relatively light in the first wave of attacks, the second wave included much heavier damage with 20 planes lost. One of the downed planes was the "Zero" fighter that crashed on a remote island in Hawaii. This plane's wreckage was recovered, allowing U.S. intelligence to view the enemy's latest aerial equipment for the first time.

It is this Zero Japanese Pearl Harbor 1941 that you can now own in a perfect die cast replica. This model is hand built, using both metal and plastic components. With the Franklin Mint's reputation for quality, you can rest assured that the model you purchase will be a valuable addition to any collection. What a perfect choice for the history buff on your list, or the grandparent who lived through the events of Pearl Harbor and wants a way to remember this significant, albeit tragic, event in history. Purchase your own model of the Zero Japanese Pearl Harbor 1941 today, and make your favourite history student's day!



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