Own your Own Ferrari!
What man doesn't fall asleep with visions of Ferraris dancing in his head? Now you can give your man exactly what he is dreaming of - with a bright red Ferrari F2007. And while he won't be able to drive this sweet vehicle himself, he will be able to put it proudly on display right inside his own office or living room. And this car comes with another very special feature as well; the original signature of Finnish racer Kimi Raikkonen.

About Kimi Raikkonen
Raikkonen began his racing career at the age of ten, with national and international kart racing. In 1999, the Finn switched over to cars, where he has seen success within a year after taking the title at the British Renault Championship. In that same year, he competed in the Formula Renault series, where he took two wins, two poles, and two fastest laps. He continued to wow the racing world through the next few years, culminating with his first Grand Prix win in Malaysia in 2003. This racer is known both for his superb racing talent and his ability to remain cool under the hottest pressure, earning him the nickname of "Iceman" in racing circles.

In 2007, Raikkonen raced the Ferrari F2007, taking it to a World Championship - the first Formula 1 World Championship for Finland. Now you can own a piece of this exciting racing action with a replica signed Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari F2007 World Championship Presentation. And while the die cast car would be valuable enough on its own, we have added Raikkonen's signature to the piece to up the value and the pride of ownership. This precise replica sports the highest quality of craftsmanship, making it a collectible that any racing buff will want to add to his collection. The scale is 1/18, which translates to a size of approximately ten inches (25 cm.) in length. This is the perfect size for showcasing on a desk or in a collectible cabinet. The car is mounted on a stand, making it perfect for display.

The signed Ferrari F2007 is guaranteed to be a hot seller, so act quickly if you would like to make one of these die cast vehicles a part of your racing collection. What better way to say, "I love you", than with a signed Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari F2007 World Championship Presentation car?



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