Casey Stoner: The Boy, the Legend
Imagine winning your first dirt bike race at the tender age of four, and going on to win dozens of racing titles while most kids are grappling with the awkwardness of puberty. Casey Stoner has done just that and so much more in his long career that began in preschool and continues now in his adult years. This young man epitomizes the term 'protégé', winning title after title in his home country of Australia before moving to England to begin his road racing career at the age of fourteen. Still, his ultimate dream

was not achieved until he turned twenty and raced in the fast and prestigious Moto GP in 2006.

It is this race that is commemorated in the 1/6 replica of Casey Stoner's 2006 Moto GP Honda RC211V. You can almost feel the speed of this tiny die cast bike as you imagine Stoner seated upon it, racing across the road at top speed. This 1/6 scale will measure approximately 14 inches (35 cm.) in length, making it a nice size as an addition to a desk top or display shelf. What better way to celebrate the talent of Casey Stoner than with a perfect replica of the bike he rode in the race that he spent his entire youth saving for.

As talented and successful as young Stoner has been thus far, this young man is still a legend in the making. While he is still striving to win at the level of competition that he has made it to currently, he has already made a name for himself in the racing world as one of the greats in the sport. As Stoner finds even more success in his adult years as one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all times, your collectible bike will increase in value and sentiment.

If you have a love of racing, or you have a man in your life who follows the sport, what better way to show your respect for his passion than with a Casey Stoner replica Moto GP Honda. This die cast motorcycle is sure to be a hit with the racing lover in your life and will make a wonderful memento that he can enjoy for many years to come.



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