Become a Member of the Ferrari Team with an Official Team Shirt
What do you like best about the Formula One Ferrari Team? Is it the sweet, fast cars or the talented team of racers driving them? Perhaps it is the combination of the two that makes you see Ferraris in your dreams as well as on the racing circuit. Now you can feel like an official member of this highly sought after racing team with a Ferrari puma team shirt. This garment looks exactly like the one that you might see Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen or Michael Schumacher don to meet with corporate sponsors or pose for photo opps. It is the perfect gift for your husband or brother who cannot get enough of the sport of racing.

At the end of 2007 in Brazil, Kimi Raikkonen took the 2007 driver's title racing in the Ferrari F2007. This car has been a popular and competitive one since its humble beginnings in 1929, when Enzo Ferrari founded the Ferrari company in Modeno Italy. By 1948, Ferrari had hit the racing circuit and in 1951, Ferrari took its first Grand Prix victory at the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, Argentina. Since then, these cars and teams have won multiple titles, making Ferrari and its drivers a force to be reckoned with across the globe.

If you know someone who follows the Ferrari team closely today, what better way to honour his passion than with a Ferrari puma team shirt? The shirt comes in fiery red just like the colour of the Italian racing teams, and is complete with the corporate sponsors and the prancing horse logo. The emblem dates back to World War I, and a pilot named Francesco Baracca who died in action. The shirt is 100% soft cotton with contrast panelling throughout the shirt and rib-tipped sleeves to help it keep its shape. Laser cut ventilation will allow you to wear this garment any time of the year with comfort in mind. The cotton shell includes polyester panels and the shirt comes in men's sizes medium through extra-large.

No racing fan is complete without an official Ferrari puma team shirt to wear on racing days and beyond. If you have a racing fan in your family who follows the talented and successful Ferrari team without fail, this red shirt will become a mainstay of his wardrobe.



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