David Coulthard: The Top British Scorer
His first Grand Prix victory was in Portugal in 1995. Since then, David Coulthard has won twelve more Grand Prix and has nabbed the title of top British Scorer. Not a bad resume for a guy born in Twynholm, Kirkcudbrightshire, who found out at an early age that he was born to race when he began to dabble in karting. By 1989, this young driver had graduated to Formula Ford, where he won the first ever McLaren/Autosport Young Driver of the Year award. Years

afterward were filled with both victory and disappointment as young Coulthard struggled to make a name for himself among many of the greats in the British racing world.

It was a Cold and Rainy Day…
In the year 2000, the British Grand Prix was held on a cold, rainy weekend that threatened to dampen the spirits of many racing fans. However, Coulthard warmed up the day with a stellar performance that gave him his second Grand Prix victory. He beat his own team-mate Mika Hakinnen into second place, and racing favourite Michael Shumacher into third. It was a weekend that many British racing fans will not soon forget, between the grim weather conditions and the sweet victory for Coulthard. Coulthard also took victories in France and Monaco and scored a total of 73 points for the year - it was definitely one of his finest racing seasons that is worth remembering in a special way.

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Coulthard joined the Red Bull team in 2005, after spending many years with McLaren and Williams Renault. He has been a part of the Formula One community for fourteen years where he continues to impress the racing community with his talent and team mentality. Coulthard is indeed one of the British racing greats, and a print of his 2000 British Grand Prix win will be the perfect addition to any racing collection. Pick up this commemorative print for your favourite racing fan today!



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