Do you have a gift for writing? Do you find it easy to put down legible sentences? Do you buy products over the Internet? Fancy earning some extra cash? Four easy questions and if you answered yes to all, we could have a money earning exercise for you.

Best Collectibles are very happy to be associated with a brand new site called 'Type Here'. The newly launched Typehere have more than three million products for you to review and are willing to pay good money for every ten review articles you submit.

Product lines include Collectibles, Experience Days, Electricals, Children’s Toys and Gifts for all Occasions to name a few so there's is bound to find products you'll be happy to review.

Typehere have 4 simple rules that you should follow which will ensure you'll get paid for your hard work.

1. Your reviews must contain only original text, NO copy and paste reviews will be accepted. Typehere use check for originality by using 'copyscape'.

2. Reviews must contain at least 300 words.

3. Only positive reviews are accepted as typehere believe in 'positive publishing'. You will not get paid for submitting negative reviews.

4. Typehere only accepts reviews from UK residents.

Interested? Read on to obtain three simple steps to writing the perfect reviews.

1. Your Introduction - What was your incentive for buying that particular product. Replacement, luxury extravagance or a necessity?

2. The Features - What special features drew you to that particular product. New special features not on old model, features on old model that you just had to have again etc.

3. Conclusion - What do you love about that particular product. What would you recommend about that particular product?

We hope these three simple steps will see you well on your way to creating great reviews for typehere and in return earning extra cash for your pocket.

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